About Us




Besides the most flexible Barbies in the room, we’re the faces behind the ‘fit checks; the founders, teachers and community splitting our way out of corporate culture.


The rumours are true. Spicy Pilates is a self-paced program that turns dreamers into devastatingly hot instructors (‘cause nothing’s hotter than wisdom, right?). But, beneath all that ambition and activewear, lives a mission stronger than squat-proof compression shorts.

Our purpose.

We created Spicy Pilates, because the idea of a dull desk job and corporate KPIs really bored us. Years of teaching has shown us that, more than ever, clients are becoming disenfranchised with their futures. And while we were helping them meet their physical goals, more could be done to support them mentally.

A vision.

Rather than delivering another cookie-cutter career path, we decided to create tools for folks just like us (hint: you) to make their own rules – and leave their 9-5 on ‘read’. We believe that choosing when, how and where you make a living, makes you a happier human. And that if you have an idea and internet connection, you’re capable of pretty much anything. Just ask Zuck’s.

Meet our Muse, Allana

Spicy Pilates wouldn’t be here without its fiery older sister, Muse Pilates, leading the way (as they often do). What began as one Muse in 2019, quickly fireballed into 11 studios. Today, the sisters are so much more than what meets the reformer – it’s a whole lotta spice, supercharged. Snaps to our fearless founder, Allana, for making it all happen. 👏

With expert knowledge in the Pilates biz, Allana clocked that trainees were in need of professional guidance… (aka, more spice in their teacher training). And so, Spicy Pilates was born, bby!

Designed for future instructors, our course helps trainees learn the art of leading with tips, tricks and tuition on how to excel as a teacher. Our program also gives you the ground rules for building a brand, connecting with future students and studios and cooking-up your spiciest dream job yet.

Inspo for becoming an instructor? Say no more